Copying jQuery events from one element to another

I dug around for way too long today trying to figure out how to copy jQuery event handlers from one element to another.

I finally found the solution..

    function copyEvents(source, target) {
        var evs = $._data(source[0], 'events');  
        for (var ev in evs) {
            for (var i = 0; i < evs[ev].length; i++)
                $.fn[ev].apply(target, [evs[ev][i].handler]);

I’ve left a demo here ->

MVC Tables


Update 12-Sep-2013:

As part of an MVC portal/admin app we’ve been working on recently, we required HTML Table rendering functionality that supported AJAXy paging/sorting/filtering etc.

We initially tried using the awesome¬†MVC classes for jquery DataTables, but this didn’t quite fit our needs. We didn’t need a lot of in-line editing, but what we did need was the ability to render cells from display/editor templates and partial views etc.

What we came up with was a fluently configurable table framework that used all that MVC goodness to easily generate highly customisable tables. These tables are sortable, pagable and filterable all on the server side via AJAX.
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